What We Do

ADFrame Specifications

Our STANDout ADframes are 1.45m in height and 0.6m in width. This provides a massive media space to display your outstanding message.

The ADframes are LED illuminated with up to eight hours battery life and we require just 5 working days from receiving approved artwork, to take your message to the streets.

Outdoor Media Campaign Ideas


- New/Used Car Events
- Aftersales/Servicing
- MOT’s


- Advertise Phone Number
- Promote TAXI Apps
- Target Busy Events

Public Sector

- Council Services/Initiatives
- NHS/Police Recruitment
- Foster Carer Recruitment


- Estate Agents
- New Property Developments
- Property Events/Promotions


- Healthcare Services
- GP Services/Self-Pay Treatments
- Health Products/Health Advice


- Memberships/Classes/Clubs
- Leisure Centre’s/Gyms
- Live Events/Retail Events

Start Ups/Rebranding

- New Business Launch
- Rebranding
- Merchandise Distribution

Food & Drink

- Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day/Christmas Parties
- Restaurant Events
- Bars/Club Promotions

ADwalker Services

Our ADwalkers can also maximise your campaign with a range of additional services. We will recommend services that reflect your brand and that are relevant to your target audience.

STANDout Digital Marketing

We offer a range of digital marketing services including Website design, coding & development, social media management and E-commerce Websites.

Advert design

We welcome you supplying your own artwork. However, If you do not have artwork our STANDout design team can create your advert from start to finish.

ADWalker Distribution

Accelerate the “word of mouth” from your campaign whether it’s leaflets, brochures or your latest prospectus. Let our ADwalkers distribute your complimentary samples to your target audience.

Customised ADWalker

Our ADwalker’s clothing can be customised for your campaign. We can supply our ADwalker with personalised uniform that represents your brand. We love to think outside the box to ensure your campaign is unique, and the possibilities are endless.

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